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How Important is Your & Your Family’s Health to YOU???

Hey Boot Campers

Long time NO Post – but I am back and back with a vengeance!  In fact, today I am a horrified and worried individual after reading the article on the front page of The Times: Sick, fat & sad, by Katherine Child.  Have a look: http://www.timeslive.co.za/thetimes/2013/08/07/sick-fat-and-sad

In this article it is mentioned that “The Human Sciences Research Council and the Medical Research Council conducted the extensive research for the first time to record the “emerging epidemic of non-infectious or non-communicable [lifestyle] diseases” and evaluate the state of health in South Africa.”

More than 25 000 South Africans were surveyed and more than 8 000 had blood tests done for “biomarkers” of disease.

The SHOCKING facts that emerged is that; and I quote: “Two-thirds of women in South Africa are overweight or obese, our preschool children are among the fattest in the world and a quarter of adults eat too much sugar and fat, but in general we think we are healthy.”

This places most of us at SERIOUS risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancers, etc.

If your health and that of your family is important to you, contact us TODAY!!!

Extreme Boot Camp has the SOLUTION! We offer comprehensive programs incorporating fitness training, nutrition coaching and regular measuring and monitoring of all individuals to assist you and your family to live a full and healthy lifestyle.

Don’t delay – act NOW!  It is never too late to change unhealthy habits!

Until the next post; keep safe; eat clean, train mean and get lean!!!

Always train like a WARRIOR!!!

Yours in EXTREME fitness and health


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Dare to Train OUTDOORS this Winter with Extreme Boot Camp!!!

Dear Boot Campers

It is winter… It is dark, cold, and sometimes wet.  And we KNOW your first instinct is to tell us just how crazy insane we are training OUTSIDE in WINTER!!! ;-)

But let me assure you – once you’re up and out of your cosy bed – it is really not that bad, in fact it is refreshing and invigorating to train outside in the cold!  And don’t tell me that you will get sick – that is a myth, you are 150% more likely to catch a cold at your “warm and cosy” artificially airconditioned gym where the cold bugs are recycled at least 1000 every 30 minutes!  Or at your office where everyone is sneezing on you, so people listen to me: “COLD WEATHER AND BEING COLD CANNOT MAKE YOU SICK!!!”

Ok, so it doesn't get THAT cold in our winter here in South Africa...

Ok, so it doesn’t get THAT cold in our winter here in South Africa…









Now, let’s look at some FACTS:

  •  Being in green space reduce stress
  • Training outdoors is 30% better for mental health than training indoors
  • Variable terrain makes us fitter and stronger
  • Our bodies can’t become complacent so we achieve our goals quicker
  • Indoor fitness is boring :-P
  • There is immense satisfaction gained by NOT allowing the weather to beat you

Just stop making excuses, and start training TODAY!

With fabric technology the way it’s advanced these days, and all the other gadgets and gimmicks we can buy, there is just no more excuses why we can’t train outside in winter.

Remember, nothing worth achieving comes easy.  If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.

BE the Warrior, BE fit through winter and DARE to immerge from Winter 2013 a NEW YOU, Fit and Fabulous and FEARLESS!!!

Until next time Warriors, stay strong, stay warm, and join us for some fitness fun at Extreme Boot Camp!!!  Keep training like a Warrior!!

Yours in EXTREME, Fearless and Fun Fitness

Sharon :-)